Masters Design Studio, 2011
Studio Coordinator: Professor Aaron Sprecher, Project Partner: Caileigh MacKellar

Awards and Publications:
*Azure Magazine’s 2012 AZ Award Jury’s Prize and People’s Choice Award
*Published in LUNCH8: Futures for Sites Unknown, University of Virginia, July 2013. Print
*Published in McGill Alumni 365, Trash Talk: A Winning Design, April 3, 2013. Digital
*Featured in The Globe and Mail, Imaginative Cities, March 1, 2013. Print
*Featured in The Globe and Mail, How architecture students would shake up our cities, February 28, 2013. Digital
*Featured in Azure Magazine, June 2012 issue. Print

The depth of research in this proposal is extremely impressive, and the concept is about thinking way into the future. But it’s an idea that really should happen now.
— Jeffrey Bernett, Consultants for Design Strategy
Polytropism – a self-sustaining, floating machine that captures and then recycles plastic waste – was designed with bold vision and impressive detail (...) The giant white curved fins are made up of wave-oscillating pipes whose moving joints generate energy, which is efficiently captured by the machine. The machine is also inlaid with solar tiles to create solar energy.
— Lisa Ronchon in Imaginative City, The Globe and Mail. March 1, 2013