Investigation of New Technologies, 2014
Project Co-Lead, with Sayjel Patel

*Massachusetts Institue of Technology Council for the Arts (CAMIT) Grant
*McGill University John Bland Scholarship

Shanghai is a complex amalgamation of different eras, ideologies, and cultures. How do we begin to understand and represent such a place? Scanhai is a collection of moments that make up one of the fastest changing cities in the world. The project tests the viability of photogrammetry, a 3D scanning technology that allows anyone with a smart phone to create digital 3D models through photography, in architectural education and discourse.

The initial phase of the project launched when researchers from MIT visited Shanghai and captured a range of 3D samples drawn from their experience of the city.

The second phase of Scanhai will share this database through exhibitions at McGill University and MIT to engage communities in a discussion around technology in design. Scaled urban representations will be created using color 3D printing and stereo-lithography and full-scale reproductions will be CNC fabricated. Using 3D motion control, an interactive visualization will allow people to explore the catalogue in its entirety.

The final phase of Scanhai involves the creation of an open-source digital platform to allow the general public – tourists and residents – of Shanghai to capture and upload unique spatial conditions in a geolocated database, re-establishing the modern map of the city.